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Peace out, girl scout!

Since I'm not as deep into the doll comm as I used to be, please pass it along to anyone who might want this guy... I'd appreciate it :3

We'll miss Reno... he might be the beginning of a large overhaul with my collection (or just plain thinning), but we'll see how I feel if and when he goes. Even if I wasn't contemplating such a revamp, he'd be the first one to go just to be replaced with a new bod, anyway... so that's a good place to start.

I'm such a shitty friend, argh!!! I'll post with pics and fun stuff soon... it's Ren Faire season! :)

I quit smoking. I'm SO not interesting anymore. But don't say you're proud of me because I'm not doing it for any 'good' reason. Not for my health, not for my future, not for my energy, not because it's a gross habit. I love smoking. I miss it. I feel like a best friend has passed away. I'm quitting because I won't pay the new higher prices with all the taxes they've stamped on cigarettes while people still can get drunk and crash into other people for cheap. *RANT.* In any case, my last pack ran out and I'm now heading on into four days without one. It kinda (really) sucks.

Disclaimer: Yes, I smoke, but Reno has never been exposed to it and I wash my hands before handling my dolls. :P Just FYI, lol...

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27 May 2009 @ 08:30 am
I'm such a ray of sunshine :3 My few posts here are sad and stressed and far between. Sorry guys. I just wanna get this off my chest.

Whine whine whineCollapse )

I'm thinking of selling Reno. Of all the dolls, the minis are most prone to go bye-bye, and of all of them, he's the one I'd like to re-make even if I keep him as a character. Thoughts?

(Random thought-- I've been spending too much time on bpal.org. I keep expecting there to be a box down below with mood and location for what I'm smelling like today. ETA: The answer to that is Australian Copperhead.)
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15 May 2009 @ 09:31 am
Not much to report, but I feel inclined to post something.

Summer is starting to show up. Finally. I'm feeling safe to put away my coats now.

My yard is GREEN. I was so convinced I'd end up with a sand lot all summer. How embarassing. But there's dandelions now instead. Stupid things. :P

Taking the dogs to the national parks whenever able. Will post pictures, eventually. :3 They have so much fun.

The older cat I adopted from the shelter (Osun) is sick again. She came here with feline herpes (although the vet didn't tell me-- a vet tech friend of mine did!) and it spread to all four cats. After copious amounts of lysine, everyone's doing much better, but now she seems to have gotten some sort of allergies. She blows bubbles with her nose, and whistles. :P

Something is obviously wrong with me. I woke up yesterday morning at 5:55am, and today at 6:something. In my prime I slept til one or two. Bleagh. :) Still don't have enough time to do everything I need to in a day! How's that work?
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11 March 2009 @ 09:49 am
Seriously? I haven't even put up my first post on here yet? :( Sorry all, I fail.

Most of you watching me know who I am, though, the former angelmecha who's too much of a loser  to think of an entirely new name (and was taken by the inspiration of a phoenix momentarily).

So, no intros necessary, I think.

My post for today is blah.

My life lately, has been blah.

My sweet baby kitty died in January due to highly unusual and tragic circumstances, and I've been mostly skirting on and off of depression since. (I know no one on my flist would say "it's just an animal," but it's even deeper than that.,.. she was so special, and so much more than a cat. She was my little soulmate, my familiar, my rock...) This year has held a mass of suck for me and it's hardly started. The winter drags on forever, and it's having a bad effect on me. I just want it to be warm. I want to forget this winter.

Life is somehow moving on, though (don't ask me how or why). I've been trying to be active in a lot of different ways that I haven't really been, lately if not ever. Aside from fixing up the house (which is an ongoing project forever, ... but fun... currently looking at finishing my sewing room, putting up a new fence in the back, putting a door on the shed, landscaping, installing crown moulding, and acquiring some wall frames for my artwork), I've been taking my pups to the park more often, weather permitting... also been crafting, trying to write and draw again, cooking a lot, etc etc etc. Hopefully someday I'll have pictures to upload of all these things. :3 As far as my dolls, they're still going to be coming back, but I've taken a bit of a haitus from them-- I've got no time to unpack them and touch them up the way I'd like, so for now they are staying put away. However, I'm making a conscious effort to stop lurking, both here and on my many various and asundry forums, so expect posts about just about everything from me.

So, yeah. My life in a nutshell right now. Busy busy busy. :3 Glad to slowly be returning to the land of the living.
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